Deputy Manager/Italian Teacher

Born in Catania, from an early age Marion enjoyed both Greek and Latin studies throughout high school. After finishing her Arts Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts, Marion wanted to further her education. She enrolled at the University of Catania and completed another degree in Languages for International Communication. Russian, English and French are her adopted languages.

Marion loves sport, Valentino Rossi and all animals, but her great passion in life will always be wine, Italian wine of course.

Teaching your mother tongue to foreign language learners is a job that offers great opportunities for personal and cultural growth. If you want to travel and work in any part of the world: from Brazil to Australia, from Russia to neighbouring Switzerland, language is important. Relationships are established between teachers and students not only for educational purposes, I have become genuine friends with many of my past students and we still maintain contact today. In few other work environments can this happen. The program in my classroom is flexible and accommodating for every student, yet is structured to achieve the best result for all involved.
I like to tune the “ear” of my students, this is so important and often overlooked when teaching a language. It is with the understanding of new and foreign sounds that one can learn a language!