Didatic Manager/Italian Teacher

Born in Catania, Fede’s love for languages and travel began very early in life. Fede enrolled at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Catania and graduated with a degree in European Languages and Cultures. After completing a thesis in Italian for Foreign Language Teaching, Fede decided to devote her life to teaching and promoting Italian language and culture. After spending time in Spain as an Italian lecturer at the University of Oviedo, she returned to her beloved Sicily, where she continued to grow Federico II.

She loves music, great food, literature, traveling and learning new languages.

“I am passionate about helping others, exploring new cultures and sharing my own culture with other people. Teaching Italian has allowed me to combine all of these passions together. I hope that I can affect my class in a positive way, as each student helps me to understand the world we live in. I love my job, I get to help others, share stories of travel and interact with different people from all over the world. These things interest me. When I receive a smile, a thank you from a student, it makes me so happy.I believe that multimedia in teaching today is fundamental, especially with Italian, art, music and film are fundamental in understanding our culture. Learning and teaching a new language is a great opportunity for growth and knowledge. I try to make each and every class a fun enjoyable experience for my students, as I know this will always help further their learning ability.”