Sicilian granita and its seasons

Ladies and Gentlemen we could not tell you something about Sicilian granita. Since the topic and the season allow, we will speak about Mrs granita, its colours and the possible combinations.

Granita is one of our traditional food, good for breakfast, luch or dinner; sicilian people are used to eat it a lot. It could seem an ice cream but it doesn’t.

Who brought granita to Sicily?

We know, our land has been a long time dominated by different populations, during their stay here, they left traces of their passage in the sicilian land.

One of this was the tradition of granita, Arabs brought with them the recipe of “sherbet”,an ice-cold drink flavored with fruit juice and rose water. During winter the “nivaroli” collected and preserved the Etna’s snow in natural caves. In summer ice blocks were scratched and covered with fruit juice and flowers.

The snow was then enriched by a second element, the salt, in order to freeze everything. In XVI another instrument become involved, ” the cockpit” a wooden container with a cranck, which was turned, to avoid the formation of ice crystals. In the XX century the cockpit was replaced by the actual ice cream maker.

Its colors and flavors are different, but the essence the same, granita is solid and compact. Find it all the year is almost a luxury, but usually bars sell it in spring and summer.

Its sweet and refreshing flavors are part of a tradition that is handed down, that year after year experiences and find new combinations. The most popular flavors you can find in any bar in Catania or Sicily are:  pistachio of Bronte, followed by toasted almond, strawberry, lemon and mulberry and strong aromas as coffee and chocolate.

Needless to say, you will be spoilt for choice!


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