Cooking Course Illustration


11:00 – 12:00 Shopping at the fish market.
12:00 – 13:30 Cooking class in english.
13:30 – 14:30 Lunch and socializing.


Catania, via Garibaldi, 9 next to Piazza Duomo

 Language: English.

Quota: € 49 per person

Min. 2 Max. 10 people



Our cooking tour at the Piscaria of Catania is a complete gastronomic experience. Guided by our own chef, we begin by selecting the ingredients at the market and end by sharing a full course meal with all participants.



We believe, that understanding Sicilian cuisine is essential for those who love to travel, eat well, and discover culture first-hand. The Sicilian culinary experience is a must-do for those looking to discover and experience our beautiful culture and city, Catania. Furthermore, participants of our “Sicilian Cooking Class” have the advantage of cooking in a kitchen located directly above the historic fish market “Piscaria” which counts to one of the main attractions of Catania.



Our meeting point will be at 11 AM at our language school Federico II in Piazza Duomo.

We start by giving a brief explaination and present you three menu options of which you can choose one menu for your lunch, all of which are traditional Sicilian dishes. We will then provide you with a complete list of all the necessary ingredients to buy and step-by-step recipes for each course – the appetizer, first course, second course, and either a dessert or fruit.


Menu Example:

One of the menus includes Bruschetta with tomato, garlic, basil, and cheese as an appetizer. It is followed by a first course of Pasta alla Norma, a sauce cooked from tomatoes topped with fried eggplants. The second course is composed of marinated Sardines or formed into a small cake-sized dish. Fruit cut and presented on skewers or tiramisu, an Italian classic, for dessert.

When the grocery shopping is complete, we return to the kitchen ofour language school Federico II to begin preparing the dishes. Under the supervision of our chef who will teach and assist with the preparation using techniques and tricks of the real masters, the Sicilian grandmothers, which are useful for bettering the recipes with unique features not normally found in the recipes. The preparation of the dishes will take about one hour and forty minutes and is the first phase of the socializing fun.

At the end of the preparation will arrive the moment most waited for, the lunch. You will then move yourselves into the dining room to taste together all the items which you bought and cooked. This is the time in which you will all truly become acquainted with one another as you relax with a nice glass of wine and all the delicacies you cooked.



If you are vegetarian, have allergies, or are simply trying to avoid eating certain ingredients, we ask you to specify these preferences in your reservation. Our chef/teacher speaks English, and together you will go downstairs to the historic fish market to select the ingredients to cook. In this way, you will be able to participate directly in every process, come to understand how to recognize quality ingredients, understand Catanian and Sicilian culture, and be able to find trustworthy, kind, and fun vendors that will even at times take photos with tourists.