Learn Italian in Italy at Federico II Language School

Our school is inspired by the court of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor. During his reign, he was promoter of a community full of respect and mutual tolerance between different cultures, unified by the Italian vernacular and dedication to art and creativity.

We wish to recreate the atmosphere of this court, rich in cultural and recreational moments, by giving you the opportunity of knowing better our culture and improving your Italian as well.
Our teachers have studied foreign languages at universities and foreign language schools abroad and all have been trained to teach Italian as a second/foreign language. All the teachers of our Italian language courses are university graduates and most of them speak at least one or two other foreign languages.

The method for Italian language courses and private lessons

Students are the true protagonists of our teaching: our method is based on communication and cultural exchange.

With us now develop the ability to express in Italian and actively practicing the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The communicative approach is the basis of our courses just because the language is not only a set of rules to learn but a tool to express themselves and communicate.
The material used is authentic (newspapers, songs, movies, recipes, etc.). Updated and adapted to the interests of students to ensure a complete immersion into the language and Italian culture. But not only within the "court" our teachers integrate the study with games and recreational activities to create a climate sparkling and fun.

Why choose Catania?