Italian Sounds – phonetics

Italian sounds can be hard, words seems strange and difficult to write, here you have an easy way to learn these sounds and learn how to write well Italian. In this list you can see how words canbe pronounced: Letter C changes depending on which vowel comes after: / Ka/  /Ko/  /ku/ CA – CO – CU CASA – CAPO – CALZE Comodo-COLLANA- COMPAGNO CUCINA-CULTURA- CURRICULUM / ʧ / CI  – CE CIBO-  CIPOLLA – FACILE CENTO – NOCE- CELLULARE /ki/ … Read More


Sicilian granita and its seasons

Ladies and Gentlemen we could not tell you something about Sicilian granita. Since the topic and the season allow, we will speak about Mrs granita, its colours and the possible combinations. Granita is one of our traditional food, good for breakfast, luch or dinner; sicilian people are used to eat it a lot. It could seem an ice cream but it doesn’t. Who brought granita to Sicily? We know, our land has been a long time dominated by different populations, … Read More

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