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Why choose Catania? Food, Etna, Sea and so much fun!


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Why choose Catania?

Why choose Catania? Food, Etna, Sea and so much fun!

From it's inception the Italian Language Centre- Federico II has become the leading language school for those who want to learn Italian in Sicily.

We offer modern and engaging Italian language classes. Our friendly team will also help you to discover the 'authentic Catania' that only the locals know. You will be guided through the most important attractions, museums and events organised by the city by a member of our lovely staff. When you study at our school, you will learn the Italian language and experience the unique culture of Catania, Sicilia.

Why choose Catania?

Catania is a small metropolis rich in history with great cultural heritage that offers many activities. The city is also characterized by it's unique and delicious food such as arancini, cassata and cannoli.

Catania is the perfect place for those who want to live in harmony between the sea and the mountains. From our ever-changing coastline to the beauty of Mt. Etna, the relaxing days met with a bustling nightlife, the enchanting corners and surprising landscapes,

Catania breaks every Sicilian and Sicily stereotype. The cities blend of modernity and authenticity really sets it apart from other parts of Italy's south.

Italy without Sicily, does not leave any image in the spirit. Sicily is the key to everything. The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the yielding mutuality of the colours, the harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the earth ... who has seen them only once, will have them for life.

(Cit. Goethe)


What they say about us

    review rating 5  I would like to strongly recommend everyone Federico II Italian Language School . If you are going to spend extremely nice time with very friendly atmosphere with the Sicilian, feel and taste Catania, meet people from all over the world, learning italian because of completely different reasons and practice italian in small groups with wonderful teachers (baci Roberta 🙂 who offer you their time, help and friendship, you must go there! I spent there two weeks last year in November (the weather was excellent) and I hope to go there soon.

    thumb Joanna Garus-Ryba

    review rating 5  This was one of my favourite experiences while travelling overseas. As well as lessons, the school would throw parties, put on lunches and take us around the city. I spent a whole month at the school and in Catania. I met a beautiful bunch of beautiful people, both the teachers and students were the best. One day I will return xox

    thumb hayden somerville

    review rating 5  I love this school!! They have great teachers and they put together several events a week that you can attend to see different sites in Catania or just relax at dinner with other students and practice speaking Italian. I've attended this school 3 times on three different trips to Catania and I am very pleased every time! I will be back!

    thumb Trisha Ure

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